About LUFC News


Lufcnews was founded in May 2017 by Alex Matthews, the sole owner & developer of the Lufcnews brand.

After serving five years in the British Army, including an operational tour of Afghanistan, Alex decided to pursue one of his hobbies and set up a fan site for Leeds United.

Encouraged by his father, Howard Matthews, who acts as a business advisor to a diverse range of companies, and who recognised how successful the site had started to become – reaching as many as 150,000-1,000,000 people with some bulletins, Alex began to think about how the site could be developed onto a more commercial footing.

Having re-focused the site and developed a strong Facebook presence (10,000+ followers), through Howard’s collaboration with the University of Winchester, the Lufcnews brand has been reborn with a revamped website and an exclusive app produced by designers Cain Mackenzie-Yapa and Matt Hampsey with the addition of Developer Ben Goodwin.

What does Lufcnews do

Great emphasis is placed on ensuring Leeds United fans receive the best possible service to keep them updated on the latest at Leeds United as news breaks. Lufcnews’ passion is to be innovative and create a brand to be something that an increasing number of fans globally have embraced since launch in May 2017.

The introduction of the new Lufcnews app, exclusive to Lufcnews – nothing like it is available on any other fan site, will not only benefit the Leeds United community, but enhance their interaction with other like-minded fans to help grow the fanbase and the club’s exposure in general.

Why is Lufcnews different


  • Lufcnews provides the most updated and reliable information on all things Leeds United, which means that there will be no false or misleading information on our platforms.
  • Both our website and the Lufcnews app is continually updated on the latest stats.
  • Access to exclusive merchandise designed by our personal designers here at Lufcnews.
  • All our merchandise is unique to the Lufcnews brand, none of our designs are made elsewhere.
  • Stylised social media posting creating a more exciting way in which we share information on our social media platforms.
  • And lastly, continually engaging with users to improve our services as much as possible.
  • You the fans will make this brand a continued success.
  • That’s why your feedback and interests are very important to us to help us give you the best possible user experience and service.


Lufcnews’ Aims


  • Update Leeds United fans on a regular basis with all the latest news, stats and rumours and anything Leeds United related.
  • Continually engage with users to help improve the service.
  • Give access to exclusive Lufcnews merchandise.
  • Provide top quality content.
  • Add features that enhance the user experience.
  • Keep the website and Lufcnews app free of ads as much as possible.
  • Ensure the site is kept fully family friendly.
  • Ensure compliance with regulatory compliance.
  • Ensure compatibility with the highest standards of commercial behaviour.
  • To create an experience of value to all.

Meet Our Team

Alex Mathews (Owner)

Gavin Horne ( Guest Writer)

Ben Goodwin (Developer)