27.08.2015 Left The Army
Alex leaves the British Army

After serving five years in the British Army, including an operational tour of Afghanistan for 6 months back in 2013, Alex decided to pursue one of his hobbies and set up a fan site for Leeds United. 

27.05.2017 Officially Founded Lufcnews.co.uk in 2017
Founded Lufcnews.co.uk

Lufcnews was founded in May 2017 by Alex Matthews, the sole owner & developer of the Lufcnews Brand. 

01.10.2017 Pitched Lufcnews.co.uk to students at the University of Winchester
Lufcnews.co.uk pitched to students











Back in October 2017, Owner Alex Matthews pitched Lufcnews along with another project to over 20 students at the university of Winchester. Alex managed to land a team of 5 students to develop and design the Lufcnews brand.

01.10.2017 Results speak for themselves
Student impact on following


Since the inception of the students gained from the University of Winchester. Lufcnews had a following of around 1,500+ followers back in October 2017 and now boasts an ever growing following of over 28,000+ followers reaching millions of users on a monthly basis. 

01.12.2018 Establishing key partnerships
Who we work with

Over the years we have formed vital partnerships with the likes of FNUK, Veterans Raffle, Paul Wilson Music, Metrik-Space.com and Gpillan.com - each adding value and promotional engagement to our audience. 

19.06.2019 Formed Football News UK LTD
Establishing Football news UK LTD to grow Lufcnews.co.uk

Because of the continued success at Lufcnews, Alex decided to break in creating a business to offer digital media services to small and big clubs up and down the country - which led to official company registration of Football News UK LTD. 

Present Lufcnews continues to grow and develop
We mean business

Lufcnews.co.uk has now progressed immensely over the years and is now invaluable news outlet for all Leeds United fans as a reliable source of information. With a ever expanding and talented team working at Lufcnews, we strive and possess immense passion to ensure Lufcnews continues to grow and develop.