Verdict of 2018 Campaign

So that’s 2018 done and dusted! What an impact Mr Marcelo Bielsa has made on and off the pitch to totally transform these players from last season. With some new additions, but still keeping most of the old squad, Bielsa has managed to do what no manager before him has done.


The change in style in attacking football whilst also putting an emphasis on keeping possession is paramount to both Bielsa and the team’s success. His training regime is physically and mentally demanding, every player is showing signs of flare and composure that far outway last seasons performances. We’re stronger, faster, more fluid and confident with the ball. Roofe is on fire with 13 goals to his name so far!


I could go on with how we’re so different from last season, but it seems as though, we really could be looking at a monumental moment in Leeds United’s 15 year exile from the top flight. Could this be the season to take us up? Could Bielsa, otherwise known as ‘El Loco’ take us to the promised land?


I hope so, because everytime we get to this time of the season, Leeds seem to take their foot off the pedal and don’t perform. Look at how well we played the first part of the season and then we were found out and it was a devastating end to our campaign.


But in my grace, let’s stay positive for the players and keep the belief there. It’s time to march on together for real now.


Author: Mr Alex Matthews – Owner & Developer of LUFC News.

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